In your life you come to a point when thinking about doing something just doesnโ€™t do it
for you anymore. Each of us walks on this world for a purpose with particular talents and predispositions. These forces shape us and they drive our every action. My actions told me I was an adventurer at heart. However, soon I realized life was not just about being on the road. I began to broaden my thinking. I considered the bigger picture. What were the benefits of doing all this? More importantly, how is this helping anyone else besides me? Is the road even benefiting me or am I lost in my self-delusion? After six years of pursuing my adventures, I began to think what would be the best way to give back. I sat down and asked myself, what do I know? How can I present what I know? And how can it best benefit people?

This book is the result of seeking an answer to these questions. By combining poetry, personal stories, and descriptive narratives, this book delivers a one of a kind piece aiming to merge skills, passion and vision and makes a compelling argument to get out and hit the Road of Life.

Entertaining, insightful, and inspirational, this book presents the value of the road and how to utilize it to succeed in many aspects of life. 

Like the road, this book has a direction of education, but leaves room for the reader to explore and find value in areas specific to them.