Many smart students are struggling in school, whether they are in 1st grade or high school. Reading comprehension, homework and standardized tests are the main causes of stress. In The 3D Learner, Transform Stress to Success for Your Child, the Halperts describe how they themselves went through the process of discovering their children learned differently, and understanding the issues that needed to be addressed for their children to be successful in school and life. 

Terms like dyslexia, learning disability, ADHD, CAPD and others are labels that describe what is wrong, but rarely lead to positive solutions. Most smart struggling students learn differently, and have some combination of attention, eye teaming, auditory and related issues, and medication is often suggested as the main way to address attention issues. 

The Halperts identify students who learn differently as 3D Learners. They learn best when material is presented in a hands-on visual way. These learners often achieve success when they are taught to their strengths and their challenges are identified and addressed. 

Parents are given tools on how and what to look for, in order to help their child transform stress to outrageous success. Underlying issues such as attention, processing, sequencing, and memory are described in a way that parents can relate to and understand. Solutions for setting goals, communicating effectively with teachers and professionals to create a collaborative and positive environment are some of the topics described. Transforming stress to outrageous success for your child takes time and effort from all involved. Once parents understand the issues their child is experiencing, and how they can make the difference, the future will look much brighter.