Let's be honest. We all have (or had) limiting beliefs when it comes to money.

Have you ever whispered or said, "Money is not important, happiness is.", "My family is not rich so I won't be rich.", "I am not good with money.", "Rich people are evil." or "Money is meant to be spent! 

All of these are samples of limiting beliefs about money. 

Have you ever pulled your hair out of frustration as you watched your trading account getting smaller and smaller? 

You are confused. You felt that you have followed all the rules. You have a method. You have a trading strategy. 

Yet you are still losing money. What's going on here? 

Maybe it is not your trading strategy. It is your psychology 

Trading psychology is a tricky subject because it is intangible. It is not fancy. It does not have the "wow" factor unlike trading rumors. 

But without the proper trading psychology, a trader or investor will never make it in the market, as the wrong psychology block them from making money. 

We are trading for the money, which means our attitude towards money and our financial thermostat have to be at the right place. 

Otherwise, we will short-circuit ourselves when we go through the market's learning curve. 

Introducing: The 2% Trading Concept

A simple concept that targets strictly trading opportunities with at least 2% profits. 
You think it is too small? Think again. 

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What you will learn from reading this book: 
1) The amount of money we will have is positively correlated with our money habits and attitudes
2) The eight limiting beliefs about money that we all have or had. 
3) How the limiting beliefs about money materialized in seven money blunders. 
4) Nine ways to set our money thermostat right and prepare ourselves to be profitable traders. 

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Trading psychology can easily be the most underrated tool in the world full of financial BS and drama. Few people pay attention to their money thermostat. 

Little did they know that their wrong attitude towards money is the culprit of their dwindling trading account. 

This book will challenge your money limiting beliefs and open your money brain. 

Regardless you are day trading, swing trading, Forex trading, futures trading, commodity trading, stock trading, options trading, or bond trading, this book will add values to your trading strategies.

Don’t Leave Your Trading to Chances… 

…because then frankly, you just gamble your money away. Might as well go to Vegas. More fun. 

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