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During a trip to the Taj Mahal Harmesh was initially incredibly excited when complete strangers kept coming up to him asking for his photograph with them. He honestly thought he had been mistaken for some sort of celebrity who had come to visit the Taj Mahal that day. This, sadly, was far from actual reality. After having had many pictures taken of him with complete strangers, one person actually came up to him and asked bluntly how he had got so fat.

That series of blows stuck to his mind, and it would haunt his nightmares for many days, and when he didn't have nightmares it was because it was keeping him awake, struggling to sleep. It was like there was a tiny voice in his head, asking again and again, repeating in his mind and driving him crazy: "How did you allow yourself to get so fat?" All those people looking at him, taking pictures of him, and asking, HOW DID YOU ALLOW YOURSELF TO GET SO FAT?

With that single sentence bore the burden, the frustrations, the pain, the embarrassment, the agony, the shame... All the moments of being looked down upon, belittled, and that feeling of secretly being disrespected and even judged by others. This was his turning point. It has since become his mission to find a belly fat cure that not just gets rid of unsightly belly fat but is able to get rid of all the excess weight around the body and regain full health and fitness.

Knowing the true pain of having been in this terrible situation, Harmesh wants to help as many people to achieve what he has, not only getting slimmer but also fitter and healthier and learning from his mistakes. He wants to help people achieve their results in the fastest, easiest and most convenient way. As everyone is different and we all have our own goals, it was unrealistic to have one belly fat book that would address all these important goals. So a series of different books are being prepared to specifically address with laser sharp focus on the particular concerns of each individual for losing weight and living a healthy fit lifestyle.