Author and Entrepreneur Myranda Love is so freaking happy that she decided to write a book about it. Sounds like a big ol' bowl of cherries (or bullshit, right)? Well...she hasn't always been this happy. In fact, in 2008, she fell into a serious depression and contemplated ending her own life. By applying the Keys she shares in this book, Love was able to quickly overcome depression to create a fulfilling life that she loves. Whether you’re just graduating from high school or college, looking to change careers or retire young; deeply depressed, booming success, or anywhere in between, the practical life tools she shares can help you too. 

The Keys is a self-help and entrepreneurial “new-work” inspirational guide for anyone looking to increase happiness, success and freedom in their life. Dubbed as a Life Guidebook for Millennials, it’s a must read for anyone looking to make their way in this world. The Keys is one of those books that gets recommended for years to come. 

The Keys are a unique combination of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy “ACT”, an emerging self-help science based therapy, and Laws of Attraction. They're based on the author's transformational journey, real life experiences and lessons learned from her 25 years of experience in business and seven years in entrepreneurship. A few of the transformations that happened in her life since applying these Keys include: 

Overcoming a suicidal depression
Losing fifty pounds and keeping it off for eight years
Quitting smoking and overcoming addictions
Disarming early childhood trauma and releasing shame, guilt and painful memories
Recovering independence and thriving after a co-dependent marriage
Diving into entrepreneurship and founding five purpose-driven businesses
Bouncing back from bankruptcy to create financial freedom

Along the way she’s experienced more happiness, fulfillment and meaning than she imagined possible during the hopeless days of depression. Love empowers readers to create dramatic transformations for themselves by sharing engaging personal stories and easy to follow action steps. 

In Part One: Unlock Your Dream Life, you’ll learn how to overcome setbacks and childhood traumas, gain confidence that comes from self-acceptance, reap the benefits of mindfulness, discover your authentic “Star Self” and reveal exactly what it is you want your dream life to look like. In Part Two: Create Your Dream Life, you’ll discover your life purpose (co-authored by Ryan A. Harris), ways to let it guide you in creating the life you desire, options to make money by doing what you love, how to choose happiness over success or contentment and the importance of appreciating your life and valuing your health. You’ll also discover weight loss and anti-aging resources and well-being and mindset techniques to help you take action and ensure you fully enjoy your new dream life. 

The Keys is not a workbook, but it will teach you the secret to living a better life. It’s not a health or weight-loss book, but it can help you drastically improve your health and lose weight, if that’s what you need. It’s not a business or money-making book, but it can open you up to new ways of creating abundance and financial freedom by becoming a purpose-driven entrepreneur. It’s not a spiritual or religious book, but it can help increase the inner peace, meaning and happiness you feel by connecting with something that is bigger than you and living a life that you value. It’s not a psychology textbook or therapeutic treatment, but it can help you overcome depression, release self-destructing addictions and habits, reduce anxiety and move past emotional trauma to create a fulfilling life that you love. 
The Keys is a life book. That is, it will help you in all areas of your life, if you let it. How things unfold will be up to you to discover. 

Go ahead, be willing to give it a read. Why not?