My name is Charli Jensen and let me state for the record, I was not looking for love or romance. I did not need a man in my life. As a matter of fact, my life was finally moving smoothly. My friend, Lana, and I relocated to Miami from the Midwest to open Supreme Corporate Travel. 

My first exposure to him was a brief encounter. He was more than handsome. He was perfect. Have you ever seen the type? Well dressed. Well mannered but with just a hint of something that you canโ€™t describe. Some might call it charisma while others define it as magnetism. 

I admit I was attracted from the beginning but I still didnโ€™t need a man. Apparently, what I wanted didnโ€™t matter. He wanted me and didnโ€™t mind letting me know that he always gets what he wants. His pursuit of me began. 
Iโ€™ll not share any more than this but know if you read my story you must be forewarned that everything is not always as it appears.