This book will show a sales person/entrepreneur, specifically a Realtor, mortgage broker, insurance agent or professional service provider who serves customers to build their career to high levels. Those who are trying to find solutions to building their business, balancing their life, and creating a fabulous living with six to seven figures a year while maintaining a healthy happy life with their family. More specifically, Real estate agents who want to be able to get in front of more prospects and increase sales. They will learn how to get 3 Listings in 30 Days without costing a fortune, no matter what kind of market your in.

Are you looking to build a consistent 6 figure and more real estate business but not sure how? Are you wanting to make real estate a career full time and not just try to make some extra part-time money? Are you thinking about starting a new career? Do you have an up and down real estate sales business like a roller coaster? Do you have a desire to own your own business? Are you trying to make money in Real Estate? Did you recently get your Real Estate license and don't know what to do? Looking to make more money as a real estate agent? Looking to make money as a real estate investor? Interested in becoming a Realtor? Do you need help in sales and marketing? Are you tired of the rat race? Want to stop punching a clock? Looking for a way to have freedom and make a great income? Are you wanting to have control over your own schedule and time? Are you a single parent and looking for a flexible schedule to have a career and be a great parent as well? Struggling with wanting to make 6 figures or more and still be around to raise your children and have a family? All of these questions and more will be answered and solved by reading my book. 

First, this book will help Realtors and agents set their target income, business goals and create a strategic business and marketing plan to achieve these goals while making sure the goals are in balance with the amount of time, effort and energy the agent is willing to commit to. In other words he/she will be creating a fun, quality business that they like, enjoy and want to work in because they created the business plan to fit their needs and wants. Second, once the road map of the desired business becomes clear to the agent, the book will walk them through how to create and build that business.

The next most important desire and frustration this book will solve is avoiding and getting out of the "roller coaster" business which makes them feel broke. Having a big sale one month and then no sale for 2 months because they spent all of their time working on the one client and stopped all marketing and prospecting during the closing process. The implementation of the systems in the book will create a balanced and profitable business that goes up and keeps increasing and climbing instead of the common up and down nightmare every agent goes through without my book. This book will tell the agent what things to focus on and what to ignore and stay away from saving hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on wasting time figuring out what to put their time and money on. This book makes it clear and simple and tells them where to market, who to market to, how to market and then does the marketing for them.