So How Does a Guy with NO Tax Experience Come into a Small Tax Office and ... Build a MILLION Dollar Tax Preparation Business in Just a Few Short Tax Seasons? 

Well, it’s a “secret” that’s been kept under-the-radar ... until now. 
You see, What Most Tax Professionals DON’T Realize is .... Even The Most Tax Law Knowledgeable, Highest Paid Credentialed Professional And The Hardest Working Tax Business Owner On The Planet, Will Live With An Average Or Even Below Average, Disappointing Income Without A Consistent, Steady Flow Of New Clients Coming Into Their Tax Office! 

If you buy into the line that since you are a tax professional everyone in town needing tax help is going to beat your door down looking to give YOU their money because you’ve got the most tax experience or you’ve gone to more tax seminars this year or you have some extra letters behind your name etc. -- you’re just not living in reality! 

There is a different, much more productive (profitable) way to be SUCCESSFUL in your tax business. And once you’re freed up in your mind that it’s OK to be different than your competition, you’ll be on your way to growing your tax practice to the next level of success!