Your Business Needs to Scale

In the author's own words: 
"I remember the day it hit me.

"I was in Kiev when I got a call from my wife. She was in the hospital, having driven herself there during the middle of the night. She hadn’t realized quite how ill she was, but in fact she needed surgery. Meanwhile, I was halfway around the world, and my children, who fortunately weren’t very young, were alone. But they had to get themselves fed, and off to school; their mother was in the hospital and their father was far from home. I felt helpless, and like a terrible husband and father. It took me three days to get home, three days during which I thought about the price of success.

"Although I had created the successful business I had aspired to create, I was trapped. I couldn’t make personal time for anything that was important to me if I expected to deliver the products and services I had promised to my clients. My physical presence was required, and there was no substitute. No one could fill in for me; no one could take my place. Of course, this gave me job security, but it came at the cost of not being able to take a vacation or nothing would get done. I was living the life of a successful businessman, but it was not the life that I had intended. 
My physical presence was required at home, too. While I was on the road, I missed seeing my children grow up, let alone participating in their development. The concept of scale had become personal for me."




What Is Holding You Back?

What had happened to the author occurs to many entrepreneurs and business owners when they discover that their business has grown so large and become so successful that they have become trapped by their own success. Has this happened to you? 

A scalable business makes it possible to create passive income and grow the business by doing less – but doing so more thoughtfully. It takes effort on your part to truly evaluates each of the Four Keys of Scale and make the appropriate changes in order to yield those benefits. The promise of scale is being able to earn more while doing less. 

This seems like a contradictory concept and requires you to rethink how we operate. 




A Scaled Business Runs Without Depending On Your 100% Attention

Imagine what your life would be like if you could earn money without having to exercise the same amount of effort that you expend today. 
What if you are in a business, like mine was, that is entirely dependent on you and your presence to generate income? If you don't work, you don't earn. Imagine transforming that business into one in which the earning takes place even without your direct involvement; you can, in fact, sit back and watch the money roll into your bank account. 

This book teaches you how to do it. By mastering the Four Keys of Scale, you can create a business that runs without you. And until you have that, you don't have a business. You have a job. 



From a Leader in Business Growth and Scale

Frank H Bria helps consultants and coaches turn their 6-figure practice into a 7-figure business. He has built and sold tech start ups as well as consulted for the largest international corporations in high tech, finance, and retail on 4 continents. He now takes what he used to teach the Fortune 500 and applies it to entrepreneurs looking to scale their businesses. He is a 3-time author, speaker, strategist, and host of the podcast, Scale to Success. He is also star of the new TV show Startup Relaunch.




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