At its core this book is a step by step guide that will guarantee you reach your physical fitness goals. 

Here is the secret!! ..THERE IS NO SECRET. 

The truth is that information is everywhere. If you do a quick google scholar search you can find out the best exercise and nutrition practices for fat loss, the best meditation practices for finding inner peace and a ton of ideas on how you can start living an epic life. 

Information is NOT the issue. 

The secret, if there is any.. is application and habit building. 

How can you take the RIGHT information and APPLY to it your life in a manner that makes it stick. 

More so, how can you do this in a manner that is super simple and super fun. 

That my friend is what this book is. It's a compilation of the best tactics in nutrition, exercise and fulfillment - all put together in a book you can take action on. 


In this book you will be taken through a process where you get clear on what exactly it is you want for your body and your life, so you can create an action plan and make it a reality. 

If you are sick of dabbling and doing things that deliver partial results and you're ready for a complete lifestyle change for the better - then this book is for you. 

Take my hand as I guide you through this process of self-discovery and transformation. 

Namaste Dude.