Have you ever wondered about the true purpose of life? Why are we here on Earth? 

A desire to find answers to these questions prompted hypnotherapist Anat Weinstein to explore past life regression through hypnosis. Over the course of five years, numerous sessions revealed a rich tapestry of existences for one soul who has experienced not only various lives on Earth, but also other worlds and realms. 

The sessions introduce a concept of a world where the roles of villains and victims are temporary and alternating, and souls can learn valuable lessons from the different perspectives. 

Each unique encounter explores a new set of experiences, offering the reader an expansion in awareness that brings about relief from shame, guilt and anger. Gaining a deeper understanding of consciousness sets in motion a process that takes the sting out of life’s bites. The realization that our true essence is eternal and indestructible provides a sense of much needed comfort and hope. 

Live, Die, and Take Notes is an invitation to learn eternal and universal truths that will forever alter the way you perceive yourself and the journey called life.