Book Description

Publication Date: April 23, 2015

"Brilliant title, as good as Guinevere, can't wait for more, could not put it down" Sue Painter 

"Very enjoyable fantasy read, loved the romantic intrigue. Morgan is a brilliant heroine." Stacy Bight 

"If you like Game of Thrones, you will love this." Eric Sanders 

A captivating new take on Arthurian legend 

Morgan, the elder half-sister of newly crowned King Arthur, is on her way to becoming an accomplished witch. She learns quickly and soon makes a name for herself in Camelot. 

Yet with war on the horizon, she puts more trust in her magic books and the sword Excalibur than in the people around her. 

Morgan is never safe from the sinister, shape-shifting Merlin, or from the marriage plans that young King Arthur has made for her in order to secure his realm. 

Will she listen to Merlin’s dark advice? And how far is she willing to go in her quest for freedom? 

β€œIt is as well to frighten people as to seduce them to get what you want.” 

Enter Morgan’s world... 

Lavinia Collins is the author of The Guinevere Trilogy available as a single title in paperback and on kindle, and in separate volumes on kindle only.