'G'day,' from Layla, the fun and feisty girl who lives Down Under!

Christmas time in Australia is hot, and Layla is on summer vacation! It’s Christmas Down Under style! This summer is going to be an exciting one because Layla’s family are expecting a new baby for Christmas, AND Mema is coming to visit from America for the first time.

Layla is not sure she is ready for a new baby. What if everyone likes the baby more than they like her? What if it cries all the time? Perhaps it will want her bedroom!

Join Layla as she learns to welcome her new sister to the family, the best way to escape from an emu, and how to feed a kangaroo!

It’s a hot, but very merry, Australian Christmas celebration!

This second instalment in the Layla Down Under children’s book series, A New Baby for Christmas, is an early reader chapter book for kids.

Available in paperback and for Kindle, this children's book is one that 6-8 year old readers can easily navigate with its large font, easy sentences, everyday relatable situations, cute illustrations, and warm family-centred themes.

An early reader children’s chapter book, A New Baby for Christmas, is set in the beautiful Australian river city of Brisbane, and explores the central theme of welcoming a new baby to the family. This book is a must-have for every young child learning to read.


This book is a great way to learn to read English as a second language too!



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Please note: this book is a prequel to the first in the series