"Couldn't put it down"; "Excellent read"; "10 out of 10 stars!"

- Reader reviews. 

Meeting Aphra Behn is Billie's wish come true -- and now she's trapped in the 17th century! 

- one graduate student who wants to change history; 
- one dead -- and now forgotten -- playwright who did change history; 
- the colorful and turbulent times of the English Restoration; 
- one magic mirror. 

Mix thoroughly, and you have a Chameleon in a Mirror. 

Billie Armstrong has long wanted to give Aphra Behn, the first professional woman writer in English, the prominence she deserves. But when Billie accidentally activates the magical properties of a baroque mirror, propelling herself into the seventeenth century, she gets more than she bargained for. What develops is an unwilling masquerade, a tale of license, love and literature, as Billie does her best to survive in a strange era and ensure Aphra’s literary survival in the future. 

What readers are saying: 

"There is nothing better than when a time travel story is paired with real characters from the past and an excellent writer." Review by LA Howell

"Ruth Nestvold colors these pages with some of the more irresistible word painting now being written. The manner in which she weaves this terrific tale will hold the readers' attention from page one. She entertains, pokes our imagination, challenges our intellect, and in all - provides a first class novel." Review by Grady Harp, Top 100 Amazon reviewer.