By Brown Choba

OGONI THE GREAT, the deity of Oka land, the source of their tradition and the glory of their existence has been conquered through a mysterious dream and the lives of Oka people went into trepidation. Immediately all the outcasts in their land became free from their inhuman treatment. 

The downfall of Ogoni rewrote the future of the outcasts and divided the land untraditionally and the outcasts gained freedom. Slowly, dark magic became part of culture of the Oka people and the traditions of their forefathers underwent amendment. 

Ogoni wandered away for decades, but the ways of the gods aren't always understood by human. He reconstructed the destiny of the very one who made him homeless and beside her dying soul; Ogoni regained his glory in a different form. 

This eBook exposed some African philosophies and some belief on the creation of water bodies especially river Emili.