"Packed with suspense. I did not want this book to end." Polly Reagan

"I loved the tension in this book, it had some nail-biting scenes. Great read!" Paul Turner

"I could not put Layers of Lies down. Easy riveting read, good ending." Nancy Bright

A gripping crime thriller that has you on the edge of your seat

Sally’s comfortable life crashes to pieces when her boyfriend Daniel goes missing. 

She calls everybody, even his boss. He has gone without a trace. 

Suspicious and deeply worried she goes out looking for him. 

But the more she searches, the more she discovers a dark underworld of lies, crime and murder she had no idea really existed… 

If you like crime fiction and thrillers look no further than LAYERS OF LIES. Diane Dickson is the author of several other great books in this genre. Check out LEAVING GEORGE, THE GRAVE and WHO FOLLOWS, also available on Kindle.