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"Definitely one of the best books I have ever read." Graham Standing 

"A superb novel, Lee Olds is a master storyteller." Jenny Rose 

"I could not put this down, an intricately woven plot, incredibly rich characters." Sarah Forster 

A cynical bet between friends leads to a crime none of them can forget 

Happy-go-lucky Louis Hartwig pockets a $100 bill and accepts a challenge from his friends to seduce an attractive and wealthy local socialite. When the woman falls for him, it would seem he has it made. But a chance encounter sets off a chain of events which lead to a terrible and shocking crime. 

If you enjoy original literary fiction that opens your eyes to who and what we are, look no further than Lee Olds' THE LADY KILLER. 

Lee Olds is the author of several books available on Kindle: 

TOO MUCH SUN sold over 250,000 copies in the 1960s and Olds' other books, THE BILGE, THE RETURN and CLARA delight readers the world over.