Revised for 2015 

Now for the first time you can get all the top secrets and weight loss tips that celebrities and professional trainers use! 

The step by step plan on how to get your toned look. You want to read this book if you want to achieve maximum motivation. JP has put together a program anyone can follow. It is super easy and you will feel more confident. 

*Read in one day! Start seeing results quickly!*


5 Star review John Latham has been my trainer for the past 4 months and he is amazing. He’s helped me lose weight and actually enjoy working out and eating well. His boot camp is so much fun, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to get in shape. John will get you motivated and you will see results if you’re committed. 

Sunday Wallace 

5 star review Fantastic trainer. He is clearly experienced yet super humble and fun. I look forward to going to his classes. Can’t recommend him enough! 

Nicolette Nefdt 

John is knowledgeable and incredibly motivating. He has a rare inherent quality to push limits while still being supportive and inspirational. I love training with him!!! 

Michele Dempsey 

My daughter and I have learned so much about health and fitness from John Latham, he is very knowledgeable and extremely encouraging. John teaches you how making the right choices both today and always will give you the positive results you’re looking for in weight management. I strongly recommend the positive training you receive from John Latham! 

Tammy Driggs 

John is very positive and motivating! He provides you with all the tools you need to be successful in reaching your fitness goals. I have had the best experience training with him! 

Brittny Seiler 

Working with John Latham has been a totally positive experience. After recovering from knee surgery, I found myself weak and out of shape. To eliminate my knee pain, I need to strengthen my legs again! John listens and creates a work out around the my needs and as a result, I have been able to get back into shape without injury! It is so important to have a trainer that is committed to helping you achieve your goals and John is dedicated, positive, knowledgeable and reliable! 
Christine Ortega 

Inside this book you will find:


  • information on spot reduction

  • blood sugars

  • proper measurements

  • your mental approach to weight loss

  • perfect to build a foundation and for motivation

  • step by step guide on how to exactly get your toned look

  • accountability

  • Β