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Can Rebecca get past the astonishingly curvy Boopsie to win WIll?

Rebecca Grenville, 22 and just graduated from the University Of California at Berkeley in English Literature is lucky enough to get one of the first jobs she has applied for at StartUp magazine. She is also lucky to be handed the job of interviewing William King, 25, self-made internet billionaire, unbelievably handsome, rich, single and a bit of a recluse. What’s more Mr King rarely gives interviews and Rebecca has landed the chance to get a scoop and make an instant name for herself in the tough world of internet journalism.

What could possibly go wrong? From the moment Rebecca trips up and throws a glass of water over William King ”" everything! Mr King takes off his soaked shirt to reveal he is ripped. Rebecca is smitten and tries to dab Mr King dry. Mr King’s assistant, the reliable Gloria, puts Rebecca in her place, produces a towel and a fresh shirt and the interview can now begin.

Is Will King attracted to Rebecca? Within moments he is inviting her to his house and is prepared to reveal information about himself that is not currently public knowledge. Rebecca’s hopes soar only to be knocked back down to earth when she meets Boopsie, the incredibly shaped girlfriend who has a massive chest and an ass to make even Kim Kardashian jealous!

Follow Rebecca’s adventures in Volume I of this romantic comedy which turns decidedly darker as Will’s and Rebecca’s secrets are slowly revealed.

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