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Publication Date: December 21, 2014

Quit Smoking Now! A Gem Packed Guide To Quitting Smoking For Life

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You're about to read the most valuable book of your life. I understand that's a huge statement to make but here's why. Quitting smoking will provide you with health and longevity that you simply won't be able to achieve otherwise. There's a famous saying that I'm a fan of, "Health isn't everything, but without health everything else is nothing". Nobody wants to be the person who missed out on the final 20 years of their life due to a smoking related death. The negative health effects of smoking are very real and very serious. Smoking has been found to shorten peoples life expectancy by an average of 14 years. Do you really value your life so lowly that you would voluntarily shorten it by such a significant amount of time? Please, for the sake of your future, read this book. I have overcome smoking addiction myself using the techniques contained within. I got a wake up call when my father, a life long smoker, developed cancer in the lungs. 6 months later he was dead. Some of his final words to me were "John, you have got to stop smoking, I have never regretted anything more in my life". He had realized that had he never started smoking he would more than likely be enjoying another 15 years with his family and friends, enjoying the retirement he had worked his entire life for. He has been a hugely motivating factor for me when writing this book, and I hope his story as well as the thousands we hear about over time compel you to take action. Read this book, Save your life. 

Here's exactly what you will learn


  • A motivating reminder of the key reasons to quit
  • A week by week explanation of what to expect and how to deal with it
  • An in depth stop smoking timeline
  • The 9 key steps to creating your stop smoking action plan
  • 14 specific tips to aid you on your journey
  • 10 strategies to coping with cravings
  • 5 important ways to master your emotions as you conquer the addiction
  • 6 ways to keep stress at a minimum throughout the process
  • How to avoid weight gain - a commonly experienced issue
  • Much, much more!

Take action today, download this book and transform your life. Take back your health, improve your finances and live the full life you deserve. 

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