Book Description

Publication Date: September 29, 2014 | Age Level: 18 - 18

Live through a Gripping True-life Account of Bravery, Deception and Disturbing Government Secrets


Step inside a dark corner of the U.S. Government you never knew existed!

Caught in the Crossfire is the true story about a decorated officer in the U.S. Army woman who dedicated her life to the country she loved more than herself.

Author Levonda Joey Selph’s life came crashing down one morning when a group of men in suits came to her home and began a frightening interrogation marathon with accusations of things about which she had no idea.
Read about the author’s life as she takes you through her journey as a wide-eyed, naive young woman with high hopes of a safer world, a belief in a country that loved its people, and a noble purpose that led Joey to risk her life recklessly, for the cause. Then, she is set up and accused of crimes she did not believe she committed, but was rather a pawn in taking down someone else whom the Feds had their sights on.

"It is an excellent and inspiring read."—John Hess

"We should not have to live in fear of our own government. I would definitely recommend this book. It was a good read, hard to put down"—Melinda Caples

"The story is disgusting, but I am afraid we all should read it to learn from it."—Maurizio C. Russio

"Reading Levonda’s true-life story made me appreciate how strong this lady truly is and how she choose to rise above everything that was thrown at her. She is a brave woman with unbreakable spirit and I have nothing but admiration for how she handled the challenges that were thrown at her. Definitely a must read!"—J. O'Beirn

"This is a patriot that marched across the globe, faced multiple foes, and risked her life an untold amount of times only to be stepped on and shoved aside as if she never contributed a thing. If you’re looking for a true story of a courageous person that still stands despite the odds against her then this should be your next read."—J. O'Beirn

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