Book Description

Publication Date: March 19, 2013

Thousands of homeowners across the United States and Canada are being affected by the Foreclosure Phenomenon on a daily basis. Foreclosures are plaguing our society more than they ever have before, and the biggest challenge that struggling homeownerโ€™s face is the lack of reliable information available to them. 

Consider this book your foreclosure survival guide. If you are going through a foreclosure proceeding, are struggling to make your mortgage payments or are being threatened to have your house foreclosed on, this book is for you.

The Foreclosure Phenomenon puts foreclosures into the simplest terms possible. It offers new insight on foreclosures from the banks perspective and more importantly it offers struggling homeowners ideas and strategies that they can use to successfully defend their home from a foreclosure. You are given a clear overview on what a foreclosure is, how court proceedings are carried out, and most importantly how you as a homeowner can save your home from a foreclosure. This book offers you a step-by-step guide on what you need, what information you need to obtain and from who, who you need to talk to, what you need to do and what to do with all of this information you have collected. In addition, each chapter outlines the different types of financial situations you may be experiencing - you could be ahead, breaking even, or underwater. The author offers suggestions and strategies any homeowner can easily implement regardless of which specific situation they find themselves in. 

The author gives his reader access to bonus information on how to calculate property value, a sample household income and expense budget, a link on how to improve communication and offers guidelines on how to create a lease-to-own agreement, through four separate appendixes.

In his holistic approach to tackling the Foreclosure Phenomenon he offers his readers suggestions on how to address the emotional, physical and mental toll the foreclosure procedure has on a struggling homeowner. No matter what your current situation is, you can overcome the challenges faced in a foreclosure proceeding and succeed.

The author has a distinct perspective on foreclosure proceedings, having experienced one himself during the economic slowdown in the mid 1990โ€™s. He connects with his audience in a deeper and more thoughtful way. This book was written as though the author is right beside you, as though you have a best friend calming you down and giving you advice throughout the entire process.

Joaquin captures his audience with clear and concise strategies any homeowner can use and benefit from. He outlines what the foreclosure phenomenon is, how it directly impacts you as a homeowner and what steps can be taken to lessen its bearing on you. This is a great book for any homeowner struggling to keep up with their mortgage payments. You can take control and protect your home from foreclosure and walk away with little to no damage to your credit. Every chapter, every page is filled with a multitude of tips, hints and guidelines you can use to save your home. You can defend your home from a foreclosure and along the way he will remind you that โ€œEverything is going to be ok.โ€