By Katherine Greyson

Book Description

Publication Date: November 10, 2014

Glancing over my shoulder, I looked down the sheer fifty-foot drop into the deep, churning waters below. As my heart pounded, I tried to remain calm. One misstep now and a torturous death by drowning would end my life. Trapped between him and the water I struggled for a way to break free, but the menacing arch of his brow and fierce stance made it clear—do not cross him. 
My heart filled with regret. Why hadn’t I seen through this facade? Was I rescued from an early grave only to die here at the edge of this dam? 
I knew this was my last chance to escape, but before I could act, he moved smoothly toward me like a shark in the water. I tried to step back, but the icy steel rail stopped me cold. Staring into those dark foreboding eyes that reflected his murderous gaze a shiver raced up my spine. “You won’t bury your sins this time,” I said despite my fear. 
He merely sauntered forward and smirked. “I already have. Remember—everyone keeps secrets.” 

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Series Description: 
In the picture-perfect community of Stony Creek hides a web of lies, passions, and secrets that simmer beneath the surface of small-town America. At the center of our story is young Simplicity Kendall, a girl whose life is anything but simple. She’s a modern, white-knight heroine whose sharp wit and inquisitive nature often lead her into perilous straits. Her dangerous adventures begin when she meets a handsome, mysterious young man who turns her world upside down—literally. Unable to resist a good mystery, she’s drawn to the enigmatic puzzle shrouded in a black leather jacket. However, when one turns over a rock, one never knows what they’ll find—a buried treasure or a poisonous snake. Desperate to protect his family, the young man is willing to risk life and limb to keep his riddled past a secret. 
Surrounding our young heroine is an ensemble of family and friends each concealing their own dark secrets. Masks peel away and buried pasts are exposed as the sheltered walls of Stony Creek begin to crumble. 

Romantic, thrilling, yet filled with drama and wit, Everyone Keeps Secrets is a character-driven series that captivates and hypnotizes. Told across multiple generations, this contemporary saga, with an intricately woven plot and equally enticing characters, draws you into another world and never lets you go. The series delivers equal parts mystery and romance, action and adventure that climaxes in an unexpected twist of an ending. It’s a highly addictive rollercoaster narrative set in one ordinary looking town in suburban America. 

The series Everyone Keeps Secrets is a story of love, coming of age, the bonds of family, and the unraveling of a web of lies that surround a ghastly crime. 

Description of Volume One, Keeping Secrets: 
Our story begins five years ago where we meet our hero, William Crawford, when he is still a young, innocent child. Then we sprint forward to a seemingly ordinary day at Stony Creek High. However, fate intervenes as it draws our heroine into one harrowing escapade of an anything-but-average first day of school. Slowly the pieces of the puzzle are laid before us as we discover how many people in the sleepy town of Stony Creek are Keeping Secrets. 

Volume One: Keeping Secrets is novella-length and is offered at this special introductory eBook price. 
Volume Two: Facades Crumble, Our heroine’s backstory emerges. It’s available now for pre-order at $.99. 
Volume Three: Hidden Pasts, Our hero’s backstory unfolds. 
Volume Four: The Return, All the threads in the large tapestry began to weave together. 
Volume Five: Resolution, The final climatic conclusion to the saga. 

Please Note: This story unfolds over five volumes.