Book Description

Publication Date: February 9, 2014

Hooked is the perfect storm of modern steamy romance and adventure at sea. 

Morgan Wolf is a complicated man living an uncomplicated life on a mega yacht he doesn’t own. He lets women believe what they think they see. It’s easier that way. No woman would want the truth he’s never shared. 

Lara Lamb is sailing away from what she thought she wanted. Because she wanted the wrong things and always for the wrong reason. 

Lara sees Morgan for what he is: a rich, shallow Peter Pan who happens to have a cute monkey. Trouble is she’s only right about the monkey. 

She’s everything Morgan never wanted. She makes the easy way look like the coward’s way. Ready to take the chance, Morgan struggles with how to let Lara closer than anyone’s ever been. Will his unspeakable wounds be too deep for her to bear? 

This is a full length (50,000 words) novel that can be read as a standalone or continued with Wrecked (Part 2) and Rescued (Part 3). *This is adult contemporary romance with scenes and language not suitable for readers under 18*