Book Description

Publication Date: May 6, 2011

When ten-year-old Peter moves into his grandfather’s creepy old mansion in a small town, bad, baaaaad things start to happen.

A family of charred boogeymen who haunt the garden decide they don't like trespassers...

A classmate with a crush comes back from the grave and decides to make Peter her Undead Prince Charming...

A creature from Fairieland changes place with Peter's two-year-old sister, leading to a VERY strange babysitting job...

A prehistoric predator snatches children from the town lake, forcing Peter to literally dive into the belly of the beast...

With his troublemaking neighbor Dill, his grumpy grandfather, and only his courage and wit to guide him, Peter has to survive all these things, plus the Greatest Horror Of All:

Fourth grade.

Volume One includes the following stories:

Peter And The Dead Men (Story #1)
Peter And The Vampires (Story #2)
Peter And The Changeling (Story #3)
Peter And The Swamp Monster (Story #4)

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Peter And The Crazies (Story #18)

“I loved reading this book. It's got everything you could want, lovely, lovely characters, humor, great writing, some dead things that go bump in the night… It's been a long, long while since I've had this much fun reading a novel; I felt like a kid, and I loved every minute of it.” – L.E. Olteano – Butterfly-o-meter Books