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The Judas Line
By Mark Everett Stone

Jude Oliver hails from a long line of assassins. Tired of his familyโ€™s treachery and wanting more from life than power, he escapes with their secret weapon, the Silverโ€”an ancient artifact so potent, so evil, that it could plunge mankind into a permanent state of ruin and despair. After fifteen years on the run, Jude receives a surprise visit from a cousin who planned to murder him to obtain the family treasure. So begins Judeโ€™s desperate quest to find another artifact powerful enough to destroy the Silver.

By John Avery

HE DIDN'T MEAN TO OVERHEAR ... but he did.


but he heard too much.

HE RAN ... but he was followed -- a mistake that would turn thirteen-year-old Aaron Quinn's, and his beautiful, courageous, single mother, Ashley's, worlds upside down.

THE CLOCK STARTS TICKING ... when Aaron is stolen from his mother by a psychotic killer and thrust headlong into a dark underworld of armed robbery, prostitution, and death. Will Aaron lose his mind as he's forced to participate in a deadly crime spree and witness first hand the horror of cold-blooded murder?

The Last Book. A Thriller
By Michael Collins

Itโ€™s 2015 and global anarchy threatens. In just twelve months, courtesy and tolerance have all but disappeared and tempers flare with fatal results. As irrational behaviour prevails, the streets, subways, and restaurants have become dangerous places. The White House wants to know what the hell is going on. Behind the scenes, Sarah, a respected ghost writer and single mother, is unwittingly lured by the mysterious Ethan Cross into writing the last book in a trilogy for a best-selling author. Crossโ€™s boss, Mark Payne, a ruthless and ambitious corporate giant, has a secret deadly plan to change the world as we know itโ€”and he must be stopped. From New York to Washington, and to Sydney, Australia, the chase is on.

Fans of John Sandford, David Baldacci and James Patterson will enjoy this fast-moving story of murder, greed, and treason, the cast of colorful characters, and its setting in and around historic St. Paul, Minnesota.

White Tiger
By Stephen Knight, Derek Paterson

International security consultant Jerry Manning has a lucrative sideline: he kills people for the Chinese Mob, so quickly and so effectively using his martial art skills that the Chinese call him the White Tiger, a nickname born out of respect--and fear.

Some Time In New York
By Gary Sweeney

John Lennon needs to live so he can father a son in 1981. This son will become a future US President. But he is employed in the South Tower of the World Trade Center on 9/11.