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A Halfway Decent Girl
By Rhonda Talbot

Jeannie knows nothing much will change. Her mother Daisy will pass hot checks, pick up men, and change identities in the hope of finding a better life. Needing to believe in Daisy's promises, she rides across country in a stolen Cadillac to California, convinced they will start over and find greatness. Jeannie runs into a tough set of lessons, not the least of which involve dealing with Daisy's progressive mental illness while trying to pass herself off as normal.

Bert discovers the salt in an ordinary salt shaker gives him the power to see his life through the eyes of his deceased wife. This magical realist story is the first story in The Space Within These Lines collection exploring memory and loss in an effort to show that which connects all people, the power of love.

Julia's Room
By Michael Murray

It was the late sixties: everyone my age seemed to be becoming a pop star or an actor: they were all getting famous, leading interesting lives, making loads of money and, most importantly, getting tons of sex. I was scoring low on most of these happiness tests and zero when it came to the sex...

The Witch Sisters
By Alma Katsu

In the magical fens wood, Adair meets a pair of sister witches who turn out to be moreβ€”much moreβ€”than he bargained for in this short story, a prequel to the third and final book in the acclaimed Taker Trilogy, THE DESCENT. 

Intended for mature readers

A Dark Planetarium
By Scott William Carter

When they arrived at the planetarium, the clerk was affixing a sign to the glass window: No shows today. Equipment malfunction ... A powerful tale about a special father and son trip that will haunt you long after the story's conclusion.

Carolina Justice
By David Maring

The Fight for freedom in World War Two has been won, but in a small Southern town the structure of segregation remains intact.
Two women are raped and murdered. With race relations already strained, this heinous crime incites a lynch mob. They want to hang an African-American who is a war hero...