A little known fact is that you can’t teach a duck. At least you can’t teach a duck the usual things like telling a joke, singing a song, driving a car, flying a kite, dressing for Halloween, riding a bike, playing a drum, baking a cake, sailing a boat, dancing the tango, or even reading a book. But, you can teach him one thing. What could that be?You’ll have to read the book to find out.

Charming, delightful rhyming words tell the tale and tickle the heart along with bouncy, bright and happy images. Every child can add his or her own ideas as to what you can’t teach a duck! 

Over 30 delightful illustrations.

If you like the books of Dr. Seuss, Mo Willems, Sandra Boynton, Suzy Spafford, Jane O’Connor, the Berenstains, Felicia Bond, Laura Numeroff, and P.D. Eastman, you will love YOU CAN’T TEACH A DUCK.

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