Lets' go back in time, to your childhood, when coloring books and crayons were a fun pleasure. Most children have had the wonderful experiences of coloring. It was fun, easy and everyone could easily do a good job. 

Now, let's fast forward to today. You're an adult living a life full of stress, demands and distractions. Family, kids, finances, text messages, email - it's a life that sometimes goes by in a blur. 

What's a simple and easy way, that's inexpensive and relaxing? Coloring!   

It took me a few days to get used to the idea, mull it over, look at coloring books and price out colored pencils. That was the one major thing I changed from kid's coloring, I decided to drop the crayons and use colored pencils. 

There's a fascinating world of choices when it comes to coloring books for grown ups. Intricate patterns, natures scenes, cats, dogs, butterflies (my favorite in the nature kingdom) and so much more. 

I'll be posting my progress, blogging on coloring books and colored pencils I have bought and what their performances are like. I am going to even post some of my creations.

Color my world! 

So many colors of the spectrum! 

So many colors of the spectrum! 

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