Simon Blackfyre and the Storms of Destiny

What if a young slave possessed an ancient power to help save the entire world from demonic tyranny and destruction?

Simon Blackfyre hated magic and always would. Of that much, he was certain in life, though he could not say exactly why, since—to his recollection at least—he’d never encountered anyone or anything remotely magical. (Book One, Chapter 1)

Simon Blackfyre has no recollection of where he was born or who he really is. He's never heard of the Rites of Succession and he couldn't care less until the powerful Lord Lionsbury arrives unannounced at the Pumberton's farm in Grimsby.

Strange and dangerous things are happening in the once peaceful kingdom of Miradora and on the faraway island of Kardi but Simon's greatest threat comes from his tormenting slave owners, the Pumbertons, and their menacing son, Baxley.

His lordship's trusted and loyal friend, Mr. Byrch, tells Simon the incredible news that will change his life forever: Simon has been chosen by the Holy Seer at Farrhaven to be trained as a protector and help choose the next King from one of the four competing noble families. If he accepts his duty and doesn't try to run away then he will be a freeman before the first winter snow.  

Simon's dark and perilous adventure begins; a journey filled with supernatural deception, magical intrigue, fierce loyalty, and finding courage as ruthless opposing forces gather in preparation for a war that will decide the final destiny of the world.

If you enjoy compelling characters, fast-paced adventure, and gripping fantasy quests then discover Simon Blackfyre and the Storms of Destiny today, A. J.Callen's first novel in the epic Simon Blackfyre sword and sorcery fantasy series.