It was probably a mistake to hire little, virgin Winnie from small
-town Texas as my secretary. Hell, it could ruin my whole career.

I’m ten years older, and I know I have to protect her
from the world—especially my twin brother and
partner, Dan, who will f•ck anything that moves (even though he’s engaged).
He’s ruined enough secretaries’ lives, but I won’t let him mess with Winnie’s head.

She’s different. A singer. A songwriter. And whip-smart, to boot. 

But can I resist her? That perfect ass, those bright blue eyes…and her innocence. Just showing her New York City is almost enough to get into her pants.
She looks at me like I own the world. Which, as a
billionaire, I basically do.

I want to show her everything. Help her become the strong, empowered woman I know is hiding in there.

And as her boss, I know I can’t go over the line. Or I’ll ruin everything.