A dash of sex and a pinch of love, The Cooks follows an eclectic group of New Yorkers attempting to create the recipe for a life well lived.


"Facas's charming debut introduces an eclectic cast of characters whosevlives intersect at a weekly cooking class in New York City. The book takes place over a single day, and the eight students in renowned French chef John Sebastian's class, and John himself, are all at a crossroads. Struggling actress Dana showers at least three times a day and wonders if she'll ever land a career-making role. Tomcatting real estate agent Paulson frets over his bowling game and congratulates himself for going two whole days without cheating on his boyfriend. Financial analyst Lola obsessively counts everything and puzzles over why she keeps dreaming she has a penis. And John is brought to his knees at the thought hemight actually be in love for the first time in his life at 50 years old--or maybe not; he just can't tell. Facas's wry, matter-of-factwriting style is a delight, and his characters--surprisingly relatable, albeit with a touch of the absurd--are literary amuse-bouches." - Publisher's Weekly

"The Cooks pulls the reader into a world directed by routine and habit rather than love. But love is what each character is seekingand hopes to find in John Sebastian's Tuesday evening cooking class.Facas nicely sketches out each character as a distinct and believable entity, such that the reader will appreciate the unique chemistry that is created when all are placed in the same room. Sure to please a reader seeking comforting entertainment." - San Francisco Book Review

The Cooks
By Charles Facas