What happens when a small colony on a remote planet suddenly finds itself cut off from the rest of the human occupied galaxy? Would they survive, or would anarchy take over?And what happens when suddenly they find themselves a part of humanity once again?

Having escaped from the ruins of her home world, Echo finds herself without a future path when her partner Ben is lost in action and presumed dead. Determined to join the war effort, She sets out for the military academy, only to have her ship waylaid.

When she escapes from the ship's attackers, she finds herself on a lost world, fighting with a small group of rebels against a regime which holds the population in virtual slavery.

In a society cowed by subjugation and without weapons, she searches for a way to lead a small band of rebels to free the population and return the lost colony to the Federation, and to freedom. And always, she continues her quest to find what happened to Ben.

"Dark World" is the second in the series "Echo's Way". Whilst part of a series, it is a complete, stand alone Novel, and not part of a single continuing story. Whilst basically an action / adventure story with just a hint of romance, it is a science fiction story set on a distant colonial planet in the far distant future.