“Foundations of Success – You Have a Right To Be Rich: Dealing With Limiting Beliefs And Becoming Successful.” 
This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to begin to truly change your life as you begin to learn and apply the Foundations Of Success. In this first book, we deal with limiting beliefs that you have which actually hold you back from becoming Rich and living up to the Success you desire in life. 
It is 1 out of 30+ books that make up a large volume of work titled “Foundations of Success.” This volume is designed to teach you everything you need to know in order to become truly successful in your life and start on your journey to living out your full potential. 
You are highly encouraged to study each book within this series to get the fullest picture of Success and how it is achieved in one’s life. 
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Did you know that Success is your duty, your obligation, and your responsibility? To view it as a privilege is to take away from your purpose and your self worth. Success is not something reserved for the pre-elected. Success is the God-given obligation and right of every man under the sun. 

It is your duty, your obligation, and your responsibility to be successful. And its only when you understand it in these terms that you realize you need it for survival. There is no option. You were put here on this earth to be the best that you could possibly be. Define what success is going to be in your life and make it happen. Don’t strive for it, don’t wish for it, don’t want it. Eat, sleep, breathe, and live it until it becomes your reality.

Success is already a part of who you are. Just become. You don’t’ need to do a thing to be successful other than to live out the full potential of who you already are. So cut out your excuses, stop complaining, stop wishing and wanting, and just do the things that you know you need to do. Become all that you already are.
What does it take to be rich and successful and wealthy? It takes knowledge, it takes discipline, and it takes hard work. And it takes Smart work. These are things that we will explore through the series and teach you all the many things that can lead you to great success in your life, whatever your pursuit. There is no simple, single answer. Instead, there is a long application of attributes, a long wealth of knowledge that you can apply to your life, and learn from others before you, and then there are strategies and tactics and thoughts. Through a combination of all of these things and learning them in your life and applying them, you will become a very different version of yourself.

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