Two ambitious young graduates of new media are scouting Mississippi campgrounds for a documentary when they come across an old antebellum mansion. As they investigate, they learn it was a thriving cotton plantation before the Civil War but afterward, the LeBlanc's built a mortuary nearby. Cash and Jeff are given permission to enter the mansion, and are soon pursuing paranormal phenomena, as well as trying to solve the mystery of a missing little girl, Lily, whose parents ended up a murder/suicide.

However, the more they delve into the haunting, they find not only that the mansion harbors supernatural activity, but that even antique dolls and scroll music boxes are haunted and bring mayhem and disaster. When these objects are sold, they must track down and obtain each one – hoping to stop the chaos before it is too late. But unearthing demonic forces has consequences.

[NOTE: The first part of this novel was previously published as “Lily’s Little White Hands”]

The Sanctuary
By Cara Swann