Hallie James is a seasoned private investigator in a prestigious Pennsylvania firm. Living her dream life, she has a great career, a large bank account, a beautiful home, and a new husband who wants to start a family.

Unexpectedly, her husband takes off with everything, and Hallie's world is torn away. Until she can be convinced to return to her wealthy family, she gets by waitressing and living in her old RV.

Back in her hometown, Hallie reconnects with her hilarious, old friends and her first love, Hank. And she grudgingly gets to know her grandmother's amusing, Karma-blessed boyfriend, George.

Hallie is cynical when George insists someone is trying to kill him. So, she tries to reassure him with a half-hearted investigation. After stumbling upon a series of brutal murders, she changes her mind and goes into full investigative mode.

Tracking the killer, Hallie meets Ben Gordon, the scrumptious brother of a victim. He seems like the perfect partner to help her solve the case. But Hallie and Ben get too close to a monster who enjoys torture and murder.

Suddenly, the killer raises the stakes, and Hallie knows time is running out to solve the case.

Don't miss this fantastic mystery series that's sprinkled with hilarity and romance!!!