In Book 2 of her Middle-Aged Hottie “Wit Lit” series, author Linda Cousine continues her tongue-in-cheek account of one woman’s struggle with life after 50.

Sometimes your best rebound… just might be your Ex.

Lexi Taylor is no stranger to midlife crisis. After all, a menopausal meltdown landed her at the Sunnyvale Sanitarium Home for the Mostly Menopausal for a ninety-day stay. Since finding her sanity there, this former supermodel’s faculties are back on track. She puts family first, and is on the road to patching things up with her ex-husband, Richard, who seems intent on turning up the heat between them.

But when Richard moves back in, he brings his buddies from his pro wrestling career with him—a gentle giant, a cannonballing midget, and a monkey with a police record. Lexi’s Bel Air home has become a regular three-ring-circus. Add a new ex-husband with erratic mood swings, and a questionable vitamin therapy, and Lexi wonders if she’s making the right choice. After a spa weekend with her daughter that turns out to be a visit to a nudist commune, a modeling gig that’s actually an ad for adult diapers, and extortion for a sex video she didn’t know existed, Lexi feels close to losing it—again. But this time, hormones are the least of her worries as Lexi must find a way to keep her family together and save her ex-husband from jeopardizing his health. She faces one of the biggest challenges of her menopausal life: does her past have a place in her future? Or is it time to move on?

The Middle-Aged Hottie series:

HOT TO TROT (Book 3)

Linda Cousine is a writer who tells people she holds a Master’s degree in menopause and a B.S. in BS. When she isn’t standing in front of the freezer or taking ice baths, she can be found at her computer writing something with the word “Hot” in the title. She lives in Orange County, California, with her husband and a dog named Dude. To receive a FREE two-book starter collection of the Middle-Aged Hottie series go to