What if your last day at school turned out to be your first day as a rebel warrior?

“If you like action, and science fiction then you’ll appreciate one of the first books EVER that gives you high powered adrenalin with chilling revelations of utter suspense!” 

17-year-old orphan, Adara isn’t like the other girlygigs in Cityplace, she has six fingers on each hand and a secret power she is forbidden to use. Rebellious and headstrong, she is thrilled about leaving school so she can follow her dream to train as an elite soldier of the New World Territories. But as starving renegades and religious fanatics storm the last safe haven in NotSoGreatBritAlbion, her plans are cut brutally short.

Fear spreads amongst the inhabitants when the all-controlling Agros, who have cut food supplies and are stealing ‘special’ children, send in troops to wreak havoc. With the population weakened and scared, Adara and her Santy Breanna must fight to save their home and family from a savage and terrifying enemy.

But when her brother Deogol, is abducted, Adara is forced to leave her hygiene home and venture into a hostile and savage realm to save him from a sinister fate.

“Think 'Lord of the Flies' meets the wild children in 'Beyond Thunderdome”

If you enjoy reading books that are different, have a strong storyline with offbeat characters, and quirky language, then you will love Whisper Gatherers. It is a great addition to the dystopian/Sci-fi tradition of authors such as, Suzanne Collins, Veronica Roth, Bella Forest, Patrick Ness, Ursula K. Le Guin and Octavia E. Butler. 

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