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Anyone who maintains a full time job while running a side business knows success or failure comes from one thing...ACTION. Whether your goal is to supplement your income, beef up your retirement nest egg, or escape your 9-to-5 altogether, you know CONSISTENCY and PERSISTENCE is what pays off.

But how do you resist the urge—the NEED—to "veg out" on the couch? How can you consistently trade the little playtime you have left for more work without burning out from exhaustion?

In this step-by-step guide, Julius Campbell takes you on a journey—a safari inward where you will discover you Inner Beast. With action-oriented exercises, he shows you how to access an instinctual drive that PULLS you toward your goals rather than pushing you to burnout. Drawing from his own experience as a full time software engineer and part time entrepreneur, he shares the same techniques that motivated him write this book on the side while also becoming a full time dad and a newlywed.

In this guide, you will be shown how to:

* Find a work style that feels right for you.
* Begin to live a life that is more authentically you, all while moving closer to achieving your goals.
* Get rid of feelings of "I am not enough," or "I need to change" and replace them with feelings of worthiness.
* Know exactly what steps to take to get past limiting beliefs and feelings.
* Regain your drive to achieve at the highest possible level.

So don't wait...dive in and discover the Beast you were meant to be.