*****Final Installment for Witchy Women of Coven Grove*****

Everything that has occurred in the previous books has led Bailey, Aiden, Avery, Piper, Chloe and the coven and crones to this final battle. A battle of good versus evil. But with all battles, sacrifices must be made. 

They have all made sacrifices in their own way leading up to this point. However, more must be given before peace is fully restored. Discover the heights and the devastating lows in this last book and final installment of this best selling saga. 

Book One: The Witching on the Wall
Book Two: A Witching Well of Magic
Book Three: Witching the Night Away
Book Four: Witching There's Another Way
Book Five: Witching Your Life Away
Book Six: Witching You Wouldn't Go
Book Seven: Witching for a Miracle