There is probably more fraud and bogus claims within the anti-aging industry than any other industry in the modern world. After age forty, most people want to look younger and to retain the vibrancy of youth, making the majority of people targets for fraudsters. Give a person and product or strategy to look young, tell them it works and they will likely believe you because they really want to.

There are numerous books on anti aging and looking younger recommending all manner of solutions, from electronic machines to pills, to mysterious nutrients, to lotions and potions to apply to the skin. The proof of any advice or claim, however, is "The proof in in the pudding," or more specifically, "Show me the proof that it works." A person may be able to look five or even ten years younger than their chronological age due to genes, but when they look 20-25 years younger, that is the time to take note...obvious, that person has a solution. 
There were two reasons I was attracted to the ancient Chinese art of rejuvenation: (1) If it is ancient, it not only doesn't involve machines, pills and potions, but it had withstood the test of time, and (2) the master of this art that I met, Tian Yong, looked at least 25-30 years younger than her actual age. Furthermore, she used no lotions, pills, supplements, etc., in fact prior to visiting Canada, she had never even taken a multi-vitamin.

You can see many untouched photos of Tian Yong on the website: In all these photos, she ranges in age from 50 to 60. She is also the model on the cover of "The Chinese Woman" spy novel series. Looking young is of little interest to Tian Yong (age is respected in China as it equates to wisdom). The main purpose of her art is to retain the qualities of youth well into old age. At my request, she has added a chapter on how to prevent and reduce wrinkles.
Brian N. Cox
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