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A lifetime of dread, pain, and eternal servitude await those who are cursed and banished to the World of Shades. But, wait! It’s not necessarily a lifetime if they know how to break their curses.

This ongoing series follows the adventurous roller coaster rides of Amber and Carlini as they attempt to break their evil spells with all their might. There seems to be no way. Is there hope? Or are they doomed forever? 

Amber in the World of Shades

When young Amber finds herself stranded in a strange world, she learns of the steep price that must be paid for magic, both good and evil. In this journey of strength, determination, and love, Amber will be tested to the very core of her soul to shield herself from Vossler's insidious grasp and to save herself and her friends from their unbreakable curses.
In a world where danger and magic go hand-in-hand with destiny, will this young girl be able to steel her courage and face the darkness head-on, or will she succumb to its shade of evil?
A 20,000-word fantasy novella.

Carlini in the World of Shades 
Carlini, the young apprentice sent to search for the ultra-powerful Zuiver Stones sets out to protect her world against Lestak's nefarious plan of domination. 
Her companion, Stafan, is a mind reader with an even more impossible curse to break. With a good number of powerful foes at her heels, Carlini must learn to trust Stafan, despite her hesitation at their growing attraction. Sneaking into the heart of Lestak's castle seems an insurmountable task, but with a few good companions gathered along the way, and her fierce determination, Carlini must now show the World of Shades that no amount of darkness can dishearten her. 
Can she stop Lestak from harnessing the power of the Zuiver Stones to rule the World of Shades and beyond? Or will she crumble under the weight of her impossible task?

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Amber in the World of Shades
Carlini in the World of Shades

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Lavinia in the World of Shades
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