A collection of some 23 speculative fiction short stories including science fiction, alternate history, science fantasy and an alternate reality story.

In The Intervention a super power empire’s long search for the truth about an ancient war yields an unexpected result. The horrifying trip encountered in Dangerous Journey is not quite what it seems while in Easy Meat a powerful star fleet finds an apparent mining colony more troublesome than expected.

Rescue Mission involves the attempted rescue of a group of humans that are being deliberately transported among ever weirder alternate realities while in Hired Guns star troopers for hire rid Earth of all it’s terrorists but there is a price to pay. 

In the A Greater Britain series the United Kingdom is the third super power in a very dangerous post WW II environment while in Trathh an alien prison ship crash lands on Earth. 

About the Author

David Scholes is a writer and also works as an economic (and occasionally actuarial) consultant to various Australian government departments. This collection of short stories is his sixth science fiction book. He has also written two novellas and three earlier collections of short stories. 

He lives in Canberra, Australia with his wife Joy and dog Maddy and has a married daughter Kristen and a young grandson James.