This third book in The Phoenix series has several interwoven themes and is full of surprises. We pick up the story immediately after the 2012 Olympics, with Olympus agents dealing with criminals in inventive ways.
A couple of old faces reappear as we catch up with police officers Phil Hounsell and Zara Wheeler to discover what happened to them after those final scenes in ‘Unfinished Business’; the book that preceded this series.
There are plenty of twists and turns and the excitement level in the action never dips, whether it’s during the Somerset floods or the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.
There’s love gained and love lost; lives saved and lives lost. Each turning page brings another shock. The day draws ever nearer when Erebus, the figurehead of the Olympus Project is to retire. Where will the story go next; and who will be there to be a part of it?.

"a tightly woven plot with spell-binding complex characters"

"Tayler creates likeable protagonists that are flawed and three-dimensional"

vigilante justice, secret organisation, crime thriller, action adventure, closure, revenge,