“This book has the capacity to change the world. I don’t know about you, but I have been very concerned about where our world is heading. This beautifully written story has the capacity to change our thinking and our world. Yes, it’s radical. But we need radical. It’s not a band-aid. It’s a life and world changing solution. This book brings with it a hope I have not felt till now. It’s the key to a peaceful, inner and outer, revolution. Without doubt, one of the most important books you’ll ever read.” – Melanie Dilday, author of the Amazon bestseller Buddha in a Red Dress

Do you feel like the world made a wrong turn somewhere along the way to here-and-now? Has it affected your life? 

"A Future for the 99 Percent" tells the story of two strangers who meet by chance. We get to know them as their conversation addresses the root causes of our personal and collective issues. Most discussions today never get past the symptoms. 

"A Future for the 99 Percent" introduces the opening to a pathway toward freedom. It offers real solutions that you may employ immediately. It suggests a way to reduce stress, find security, enjoy life, and make meaningful connections with others. It illuminates how you might change your life in a positive direction. 

"A Future for the 99 Percent" engages the challenges recently publicized by Presidential candidates from Donald Trump to Jill Stein. Issues as apparently diverse as racism, climate change, and income inequality all emerge from the same root causes. 

"A Future for the 99 Percent" shows how we can overcome divisions to unify and take on the powerful private interests that control our information, our government, our pay checks, our options, and almost every aspect of our lives. This book offers a realistic hope for you and your children.