Werewolf Philippe Girard hates dealing with rookie agents!

So babysitting witch Max Striga as she makes an arrest - especially when he's supposed to be on holiday - is the last thing he wants to do.

When the criminal turns into a corpse Philippe is ordered to help find the murderer, dragging him into an increasingly complex case involving demons, enchantments and old enemies.

At the same time he has to handle a wedding, a full moon and an idealistic young partner who simultaneously infuriates him and brings out his protective instincts.

As the body count rises a connection is uncovered that may have explosive results for both the Supernatural world and the humans beyond it sending Philippe on a collision course with a devious and powerful adversary.

Follow Philippe and his team at the Agency for Supernatural Law Enforcement and Exposure Prevention, as they work to protect the people of their world. A world filled with vampires, fae, wolves, witches, the odd troll and a magical goat.