There is a deadly occurrence happening in the middle of America. Certain random people have been heinously murdered, and displayed for all to see the evil. 
Detective John Chandless was an officer from New York who apprehended made men in the heart of the barrios. Kansas shouldn't be as harsh, but murder has no favorite state. He was stumped in the middle of the country. 
His partner, Simin Khouri, was a "unique" detective. She used psychic profilers to solve her cases. Although her conviction was just as good as everyone else's, John didn't believe in her "hocus-pocus" detecting. He worked with facts until this troubling case didn't provide any. He asked Simin for assistance, and she was glad to give it. 
She introduced him to Anezka Kranz, her Czech psychic profiler. Could this sweet, simple woman help his case? 
Although John was a detective for 17 years, Anezka showed him abother way to find his predator celestially. 
Celestial Summoner: An Esoteric Paranormal Suspense Thriller Is filled with dark excitement, and begins with a whodunit situation until they use the Czechoslovakian with an ethereal gift. Enjoy the danger and romance