"One woman’s solo journey: 2,660 miles on foot (thru-hiking the Pacific Crest trail), 444 miles by kayak (Yukon River Quest race) and over 15,000 miles by road. A story of exploration, personal transformation, and spiritual awakening.” 

Melissa Wyld once lived a comfortable conventional life – successful career, loving husband, large suburban house, etc. But something “else” was nagging – an unavoidable call of the wild, a greater dream. 

Crazy free immerses the reader in the author’s leap of faith to unplug and awaken. We follow her roaming tracks as she abandons the trappings of the American Dream and journeys deep into unfamiliar worlds.

Down the Rabbit Hole, she will face herself alone in the desert, stretch her belief system on the path of yoga in the Indian Himalayas, build calluses on the Yukon River, emancipate her mind on the PCT and survive post-trail reintegration. She will love, grow, cry, and sometimes she will fail, And, at each step, she will have to choose: surrender to the path of magic and unconventionality or shrink back to a world of debts, jobs and social expectations. 


Praise for Crazy Free

"Many of us dream of giving up comfort and security for absolute freedom but lack the courage or confidence to really give it a go. If your mind ever goes there, this book will strike you to the core. If not, it might just take you there." 
~ Evan J. Larsell, world traveler and big-wall climber

“Crazy Free is a sort of Eat Pray Love with dirt under the fingernails, an Into the Wild type of story where, thankfully, the heroine returns safe and sound from the wilderness, having learned, grown and transformed. [...]" 
~ Christopher Loren, author of Unspirituality – Permission to be human 

“Melissa Wyld is an original, expressive, and provocative writer, honest, vulnerable, wide open, intellectually curious, with a huge spiritual hunger and a courage to seek it out of life.” 
~ C.M. Evans, author of The Oak Park Taoist Primer 

" From the serendipitous way I found this book to the day I read the last page, I could not put this book down. It lived in my heart and spoke to my soul with every page, every story and every revelation. This book is a must read for anyone contemplating an adventure, a life course change or just in need of a little belief in magic, love, friendship and the powers of the universe." 
~ Amazon Reader

A testament to human potential. A winding journey through the mountains and deserts of the heart. This little bit of literary sunshine brings hope to the weary and reminds us we're all human. Though our paths may vary they all lead home.” 
~ Amazon Reader

I feel as though I have lived vicariously through her journey and have been inspired to create more adventures and be more open to receive what comes my way. I'm still reading the story but it's the best book I've read in...it may just be my new favorite!” 
~ Amazon Reader

I absolutely love this book! It came into my life when I needed it, just like anything else we receive. The author spoke to my soul and added to the teachings I've been receiving from others who have crossed my path. When the pct came to an end, I cried. So touched by this book and look forward to reading the next. Thank you.” 
~ Amazon Reader