Sure, it was a routine case--go to Dallas, find the Muslim rat-bag that had killed his two daughters in a fit of Islamic rage, collect a big fat reward and go back to Mayberry County and bust a few broncos and tell tall tales to people with short memories. But then he ran full face into Islam. Holy Moses became Allahu akbar.

What did he know about Islam, about mad Mullahs, about fatwas and taquiyah, about Madrassas and 1,400 years of Muslim hatred of the West? He would be beaten and left for dead in the street, his self-appointed patron saint would give him a guardian angel puppy dog, he would be turned into a ten-year-old boy so he could sneak into a Madrassas to spy on the Keepers of the Fleas. It would be a learning experience and a little girl would lead the way--the most beautiful little girl in the world, Aisha. He would be swept off his feet in more ways than one.