Bid Night
By Sharon Greenwood, Christopher Greenwood

 Bid Night: The night that fraternities pick the pledges that will become their brothers for life. A defining moment in many a young man’s life, it can shape the person you will become and the life you will live.

But mostly, there’s beer. So much beer.

Ginny and her friends couldn’t care less about whatever brotherly bonds may be forming tonight. "Cute guys and free beer" is all they need to hear to get their attention, and if there's one thing that Bid Night has plenty of, it's cute guys and free beer. It’s the ultimate college party night with every house on fraternity row hosting their own house party at the same time.

As college freshmen, and legally drinking adults, they finally get to party with the big kids. But will the girls be able to hold on to their high-school friendships as they navigate this new ocean of college boys, alcohol, classes, jobs, and responsibilities?


Sharon would like to thank her wonderful, zany, loving group of girlfriends who made this story too good not to tell.

To protect the innocent and the not-so-innocent, the readers should know that while each girl is loosely based on an actual person, the characters are blended with others who would occasionally join their group throughout the years. The rest is just fiction. This is an important disclaimer because none of Sharon’s friends admits to ever, EVER peeing in a sink.